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Fragrance Free

Fragrances are a part of the beauty and self-care industry for many reasons. They make products more appealing to consumers with a range of pleasing scents. While there is still some debate about whether or not added fragrances are harmful, many choose to just opt out of it completely with fragrance-free hair products. Choosing to use fragrance-free hair products is a good idea for those who are sensitive to excessive fragrance. From allergies to skin irritations, using products without added fragrances can be the right choice for some curlies.

We offer a wide selection of fragrance-free hair products to meet your needs. Choose from your favorite brands including Jessicurl, Mielle, Bobeam, and others. These fragrance-free hair products offer the same level of hair care you expect from these brands but without the addition of fragrances. Choose from a complete line of hair care needs such as shampoos, conditioners, cowash, and styling products. Featuring natural ingredients found in nature such as shea butter, coconut oil, silk amino acids, and more, your strands will look and feel their best without the irritation of fragrances. Need a cowash to offer a gentle clean and restore balance to your scalp? Searching for a fragrance-free styling potion to give curls definition and hold all day? Whether you need a leave in conditioner packed with natural emollients or a cleansing cream rich in moisture, these products give you all the benefits normally found in curly hair products. While these products are advertised as fragrance-free, there may be a slight scent in certain products because of the ingredients. No matter what your reasons are for wanting to reduce the amount of fragrances you use, find the perfect option for your curls here. Not sure which product to try? Read through the reviews from other curlies to see what they thought about these products!

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