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Silicone Free

Silicones are found in many different hair products, from shampoos and conditioners to styling gels. Silicones are basically a synthetic plastic substance that coats the hair to make it look healthy. While silicones can be useful in certain areas of hair care, such as detangling or fighting frizz, they may also cause buildup and damage. Silicones may cause scalp irritation or dry out the hair. The challenging part about silicones is hair will appear healthy on the outside so you may never suspect the damage lying beneath the surface of the strands. Silicones create a barrier between your hair and outside elements such as heat and air. While this barrier keeps hair smooth and shiny, it also prevents moisture, nutrients, and vitamins from penetrating the surface of strands. Silicones may serve a purpose, but they should be used sparingly and in some cases not at all. Many people choose silicone-free hair products if they follow the Curly Girl Method.

One of the many benefits of using silicone-free hair products is that hair will feel lighter. With many products that use silicones, hair becomes heavy and weighed down. It can even cause curls to become less defined from the weight. Don’t let your curls lose their beautiful shape when we have the silicone-free hair products you need. Another benefit of silicone-free products is that hair will be able to receive the nutrition it needs from shampoos, conditioners, and other treatments. We recommend the use of a powerful clarifying shampoo to rid hair of any unwanted silicone residue. When determining if a product has silicones, look for words ending in “cone,” such as Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Amodimethicone. Try to opt for products that use ingredients you have heard of before. Botanicals and other ingredients based in nature can offer tremendous benefits for hair. We offer many products that are all-natural and organic for hair care you can feel good about. We have compiled user reviews to tell you what to expect and help you find the best silicone-free hair products for your curls.

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