Flat Irons

Flat Irons

All textures are beautiful and deserve to be appreciated. If you are a curly girl looking to straighten your hair without taking on too much damage, flat irons can be a complicated relationship. While they tend to be less damaging than straightening creams and relaxers, flat irons can still be damaging to curls because of the way heat breaks down strands. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever use a flat iron! It just means you should be aware of the potential for damage, limit your use of the flat iron, and take extra measures to make sure your strands are properly hydrated and fortified.

With our selection of flat irons, you will find options that are made with the needs of curlies in mind. For example, we offer flat irons from the trusted brand of One N’ Only. They are known for innovative products designed to give you the best results while minimizing damage in any way possible. Their unique irons feature the healing power of Argan oil so you can get the straight, sleek look you want without taking on too much damage. This Moroccan Argan oil is infused into the ceramic plates so your strands will also be conditioned to help fight frizz and prevent damage.

The options we offer for this essential tool feature thoughtful details such as 30 different heat settings, instant heat and recovery, smooth plates made with the latest technology, and other design elements making this item a must-have. These options also offer long power cords to allow you to move about freely while styling your hair instead of feeling trapped by the power outlet. Irons are lightweight and easy to use, but also durable and long-lasting with reliable performance of the highest standards. Whether looking to straighten your hair for a special event or as part of your everyday style, these tools are a great solution.

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