Hair Care Books

Hair Care Books

Our selection of natural hair care books is packed with great tips, tricks, and techniques for taking care of your curls. You may be wondering, why read a hair care book? Well, the more you know, the better your curls will look. They are especially useful if you are just starting your natural hair journey. There are a lot of questions and concerns with going natural, and having a handy reference guide at the ready is always a good idea. Another benefit of these books is that you can pass them along to your sisters, daughters, friends, coworkers, or any woman embracing her natural hair. They make great gifts!

Since the information in a book is only as useful as it is true, we have carefully chosen which hair care books to feature. We have included hair care books which are written by authorities in the natural community to make sure you get the best information for your curls. With authors such as the team at DevaCurl and our own Naturally Curly guide, rest assured you are getting the inside scoop from curly girls just like you. Tips for your curls should really come from within the community. When you have a woman who has conquered the very same hair battles you are going through to guide you to the other side with your best-looking curls, it’s a great feeling.

These hair care books cover a range of topics all curlies need to know. A few of the topics covered in these books include: how to identify your texture and type, what your texture and type really need, how to understand ingredients and what they do, why you need to build a regime and how to perfect it, finding a haircut to suit your curls, inspiration on how to style your natural hair in a variety of looks, and much more. Whether you need a little guidance or a whole lot, these books are the perfect companion for any curly.

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