Combs and Brushes

Combs and Brushes

Curly hair is fragile and needs to be handled with care. Knots and tangles can be a curl's worst nightmare. Detangling combs and brushes are specially designed to gently detangle even the worst knots without snagging or causing hair breakage. When it comes to combs and brushes, you can’t use just any option and hope for the best. We offer options that are designed to be a great tool for curlies and gentle on your delicate strands!

Our selection of combs and brushes are offered by trusted brands in the hair care industry like Hair Flair, Cricket, Denman, and more. When it comes to your curls, you want a brush or comb you can count on to be gentle enough to detangle without breaking your strands, but strong enough to work through tough tangles. We offer paddle brushes designed for wet hair, options perfect for adding an element of shine while detangling, and even small styling brushes for on the go fix-ups. When it comes to combs, you will find a wide assortment of options like wide toothed combs for your worst knots, shower combs, pick combs, and more. Choose from various types of bristles and materials used for these hair care essentials. Whether looking for a standard plastic handled brush with nylon pins or a comb made from 100% organic resins, find everything you need here.

Need help deciding which brush or comb to try for yourself? Check out the reviews from your fellow curlies! The curly hair community is one with a strong sense of community and word of mouth. Find out what other curlies liked or disliked about the products we offer to get a better handle on which one might work best for your curls! You can also look for the Naturally Curly Editor’s Award as an added seal of approval from the curly community.

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