Shampoo Bars

Shampoo Bars

When it comes to caring for our curls, we all want the best of the best. While shampoos are a necessity in hair care, they can sometimes strip hair of natural moisture.The shampoo bar, a healthier natural version of shampoo, is quickly making its way into natural hair regimens. Most shampoo bars are made using all-natural, in some cases organic, ingredients found in nature for a clean that won’t strip hair of moisture or irritate the scalp with harsh additives. They are also easy to use and long-lasting.

We offer shampoo bars from leading names in curly hair care such as Bobeam, OBIA, and more. All of the bars we offer have been made with the finest of ingredients for bars that gently cleanse while offering a good amount of slip. Bars also have pleasing scents to make washing more enjoyable. With these shampoo bars, you get a cleansing solution that is rich in nourishing elements, such as honey, oats, green tea, clay, and other naturally occurring ingredients. While all of the bars are formulated to offer cleansing and moisturizing in one, there are a few differences available, Looking for a shampoo bar that will help deal with dandruff? Bars with clay give a deep clean to help with bacterial and fungus scalp issues. Need an option to help with hair growth?  Check out the bars with hemp, sage, and peppermint that help promote hair growth in a natural way. Looking for super moisturizing options? Any bar with honey will offer hair deep moisturizing benefits. Many of these bars can be used on both hair and body for a two-in-one cleansing solution. Skin will reap benefits of being cleansed and moisturized without the harsh additives found in most body washes. Finding the right products for you requires some research. When you need the help of your fellow curlies, check out the insightful reviews to narrow down your search. Find out what other users absolutely loved about these bars and what you can expect.

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