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Cleansing Conditioners

For a gentler clean, cleansing conditioners are a popular cleansing method among the curly community. While the traditional routine of shampoo followed by conditioner is the standard practice for most women, there are benefits to replacing your shampoo with cleansing conditioners, an approach also known as co-washing. Cleansing conditioners gently clean while usually offering more moisture than standard shampoo. They are perfect for use in between washes or to replace shampoo altogether!

We offer a wide selection of options to leave your hair clean and silky. Unlike traditional shampoos, these cleansers feature gentler ingredients meant to restore moisture instead of stripping it away. Aside from the gentler ingredients, the method of cleansing is different, too. With shampoos, dirt is lifted and pulled away from the scalp through rubbing which can damage hair. With conditioners for cleansing, dirt is removed by using the natural oils combined with gentle formulas to carry dirt away from the scalp without the aggressive rubbing and scrubbing. When you first use co-wash, you will notice they lather less than shampoo, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working. A good co-wash is often lightweight, so it cleanses without weighing down hair.

When searching for the right co-wash for your hair, we offer the most trusted brands in the world of hair care, including As I Am, Mielle, Aunt Jackie’s, and many more. Always try to choose cleansing conditioners with water as the main ingredient. Water is a great natural moisturizer and cleanser. With gentle ingredients meant to clean while fighting against dryness, some of these products are organic and use 100% natural botanicals to help you achieve silky strands. Most of the products offered are also sulfate-free for a gentler hair care regimen. Sulfates are known additives that can strip hair of natural moisture. When looking to simplify your hair care routine, co-washing with cleansing conditioners could be perfect for your curls. Co-washing can save you time, energy, and money while helping your curls retain their natural moisture. Find the perfect option for your hair with these exceptional options in hair care.

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