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Paraben Free

Hair care is a matter of personal preference. As a curly, you know your curls better than anyone else. When it comes to hair care that is natural and gentle, some curlies choose to go with paraben free products. Parabens are synthetic additives that keep beauty products from getting moldy. While they do serve a purpose, there are recent studies linking the use of parabens to rising rates of breast cancer, lowered fertility, and other health concerns. We encourage you to do your own research before making any decisions on the use of parabens. A great place to start is by reading "Why Do People Avoid Parabens? The Answer According to a Scientist." While most hair products have minimal levels of parabens, going all natural can be a great way to take better care of yourself. When you are looking for a healthy way to get quality hair care without the worry of parabens, check out our selection of paraben free hair care solutions.

We offer a diverse selection of paraben free hair care products from leading brands such as SheaMoisture, Jessicurl, Devacurl, Carol’s Daughter, and many others. Some of these formulas were created to be free from parabens on purpose while others happen to be free from parabens due to the exceptional quality of the formula based on natural ingredients. We have a complete line of hair care that is paraben free so you can feel good about your routine from start to finish. Choose from shampoos, conditioners, leave-in detanglers, styling products, scalp treatments, and more. Looking for a special treat for your tresses such as a honey hair mask to revive tired strands? Need a conditioner and detangler in one to get ready for summer beach hair? In search of a styling product that will give your curls definition and hold while taming frizz? We have you covered! Whether looking for a hair care routine for your baby or a travel sized kit to try something new without a big commitment, find it all here! Sometimes finding the right hair care is simply about word of mouth and recommendations. Need help choosing your new hair care product? Check out the hundreds of reviews from your fellow curlies!

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