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Sulfate Free Shampoos

Sulfates are an ingredient found in a variety of household items from dish soap to laundry soap. While they are mostly used to help cut down on residue buildup and help build lather, they can be damaging when used on the scalp. The use of sulfates has been reported to irritate skin, dry out scalps, and increase hair breakage. In addition, sulfates dry up the natural oils found on the scalp that contribute to healthy follicles and strands. Curly hair is more prone to dryness and frizz which makes the accumulation of natural oils even more essential to the health of hair.

One way to protect your curls is by using sulfate-free shampoo and other hair care products free from such additives. We offer sulfate-free shampoo and other products from the leading names in the world of hair care, including As I Am, Aunt Jackie, Mielle, and more. With these powerful hair care solutions, your curls will be thoroughly cleansed without sacrificing any natural moisture. For curly heads looking for an even gentler approach to cleansing, try the shampoo bars made with 100% natural ingredients. Natural ingredients, such as honey and goat’s milk, can help promote overall scalp and hair health for a radiant appearance. Many of the ingredients found in the products labeled as “natural” offer not only powerful cleansing but also gentle, soothing abilities for irritated scalps. Whether looking for a sulfate-free shampoo formulated for children, a co-washing cleanser for in-between showers, or a repairing shampoo to undo damage, our collection of gentle shampoos will make you love your curls all over again.

Aside from shampoos and conditioners, we also offer sulfate-free styling products such as finishing elixirs, high-shine glossers, styling mousse, and more for a healthy hair care routine from start to finish. We offer trial kits on certain sulfate-free shampoo options, as well as travel-sized companions, for women interested in experimenting with sulfate-free options. While there are many benefits to switching to sulfate-free shampoo and styling products, the most important one is the improved health of your curls.

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