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Summer Tips

Summer Hair Products & Tips

During the summer season, your hair needs to be ready for all kinds of conditions. From submerging your curls in the pool to exposing them to relentless heat, keep your hair hydrated and protected from everything the summer may bring. Whether it’s a barbeque or a beach day, follow these tips and summer hair product recommendations for a foolproof curl regimen.

Protect Your Hair from Chlorine & Salt Water

Textured hair is especially susceptible to harsh chemicals and salt water; these elements can strip the scalp of its natural oils and leave your curls starving for moisture. To protect your hair from chlorine this summer, be sure to soak your hair with filtered water from home and coat your locks with a leave-in conditioner. This will saturate your hair, creating a slight barrier between your curl and the chlorine.


Keep Your Curls Defined

Once you’ve moisturized your hair, be sure to seal it in with a gel. Some of our favorite curl definers are glazy gels that coat the cuticle and minimize frizz. Other favorites are rich custards that attract moisture and keep frizz at bay. Be sure to apply one of these gels over your leave-in for smooth summery curls.


Balance Your Shampoo Routine

During the summer, it’s likely you’ll want to wash your hair more often than in the dryer, cooler months. However, it’s important to keep your shampoo routine in check to avoid drying out your scalp. This season, swap out your shampoo for one of these curl-friendly cleansing products:


Hydrate Your Curls

After spending a day in the sun, your curls will need all the hydration they can get. Be sure to keep them moisturized and healthy by deep conditioning after a taxing hot day. Try any one of these deep conditioners and refresh your curls with a moisture treatment.