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Protein Rich

We all know the body needs protein to keep going. Did you know your hair needs the same types of protein? The building blocks of great hair might just rest in protein rich hair products. Protein helps your hair to supply keratin to your strands. Keratin helps hair grow longer and makes it stronger safeguarding it against breakage. If you are dealing with the loss of hair, lackluster strands, or excessive breakage, hair products with protein may be a place to start for hair that is beautiful and healthy.

We offer a large selection of protein rich hair products to give your curls a boost of good health. Choose from your favorite brands such as Carol’s Daughter, Curl Junkie, Jessicurl, and more. We offer a complete line of care including shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, and styling products to give your hair the all-around care it needs to look and feel its best. When many curlies think of hair products with protein, they assume the products are thick and heavy resulting in weighed down hair. It isn’t always true! We offer many lightweight products that will give you the benefits of a protein-rich product without making your hair heavy and flat. Using only the best in natural ingredients such as shea butter, almond oil, argan oil, and more, these formulas offer stronger, healthier strands while helping to avoid, frizz and loss of definition. In fact, we offer protein products that specifically combat these areas. These super moisturizing and nourishing products give hair the boost of protein it needs, leaves strands silky soft, and prevents future breakage. Need a curl stimulator to help with growth? Looking for a scalp treatment to restore balance and vitality at the foundation of healthy hair? Looking for a protein rich co-wash to get a gentle cleansing? Find it all here! For advice on which products to give a try, check out the helpful reviews from other curlies to get the inside track.
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