NuDred Blue Travel Hair Sculpting Tool

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NuDred is a hair sculpting tool for anyone with curl, coiled or coarse hair. Use to enhance natural hair styles, natural hair twists, and dreadlocks. NuDred Hydrate I.T. (Innovative Technology) is carefully formulated using the most advanced technology to add and hold moisture to all styles of hair including pre/post locked hair. It only takes 3-20 minutes to twist hair, depending on length and hair texture. Convenient travel size lets you take it everywhere.

  • Saves time and money (do it yourself vs. going to the salon)
  • NuDred sculpting tool and 4 oz. Hydrate I.T. included
  • Easiest option for styling curls, coils, twists or locks
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How to Use:
1. Lightly moisten your hair with rejuvenate I.T. (included).
2. Apply your choice of NuDred solution.
3. Start small circular motion on hair with NuDred while applying light pressure to create your desired curl/ twist.
4. Continue same pressure and motion clockwise or counter clock wise to create your desired curl / twist.
5. Prolong for tighter twists, not as long for looser twist.

Use NuDred to create a more textured natural hair style. NuDred is excellent for starting locks and creating more texture or definitions in your natural hair style. NuDred is most successful on hair 1/8 to 2 inch long for starting locks, however; it is capable of styling longer hair.

Ingredients: Agua (water) Hydrogenated polyisobutene, PPG-3 Benzayl Ether, Myristate,Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice,lanolin,helianthus annuus seed oil, Ricinus communis seed oil,hydrogentated castor oil, cocas nucifera oil,argania spinosa kernel oil
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