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Deep Conditioning

Deep Conditioning

The best way to treat damaged, frizzy, dry brittle hair is with deep conditioning. Lots of moisture combined with heat can help repair damaged hair and keep it in top shape. Fortunately, you can skip the pricey salon treatments and do it yourself. Just 30 minutes spent on a home deep conditioning treatment will keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Deep Conditioners

Deep conditioners and oils contain an abundance of moisturizing ingredients to restore your hair. Covering hair after you apply a deep conditioner and adding heat opens up hair cuticles and helps get more conditioner absorbed into your hair. Use any of these recommended deep conditioners and finish your treatment with a cool, cleansing rinse.


Protein Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioners that contain proteins help protect porous hair and add body to fine hair. Deep conditioning treatments that contain hydrolyzed wheat, soy, quinoa, keratin proteins and amino acids give hair cuticles extra shine and help them hold moisture. Proteins aren't for everyone, however, and are most beneficial for fine, damaged or porous hair. Try any of these protein rich deep conditioners for extra body and protection.